1.                         Leon Pierre

2.                         Alfie Sutherland

3.                         Thomas Cotillard

4.                         Hannah Silcock

5.                         Tanguy Billet-Masters

6.                         Max Roche

7.                         Liliana Andrade

8.                         Kathryn Silcock

9.                         Luca Maccaione

10.                      Taylor Roche

11.                      William Howarth

12.                      Kevan Moreira / Alex Fernandes

Players will need to arrive in good time to have a knock (warm up) before starting the competition promptly at 10.00am. The canteen will be open but players will need to bring their own snacks to keep them going through the competition. Duncan will be doing the draw and circulating it in due course. Good luck to you all!

Martin Tupper


Selection List