* £22 per month for junior coaching includes term-time coaching fees, the GRC fee and League fees, spread over the season. Second child receives a 50% discount on monthly fees. Monthly fees for a junior if already a family member is £14 for club players. The winter term is covered by Sep, Oct, Nov and Dec payments; the spring term by Jan, Feb, Mar, and Apr payments, and the summer term by May, Jun, Jul and Aug payments. Payments to be made on the first day of each month by standing order.

Fees for playing at other locations

More information is available at this link, or by contacting the relevant centre

Bat and Chat

Members of CCC, Pegasus or Victoria

Free to members of GRC based clubs

 Members can use the GRC outside of sessions

Non-club members

£4 per session

(No use of the GRC outside of sessions)

Club players -  GRC fee





Over 65                 


Thurs evening only

University Student  

Coaching fees

                             Club players               

                          PAYG    Monthly            

Juniors                  £3        £22*        

Adults                   £4           -        

Masterclasses       As set at the time

Annual     Monthly

£224           £23

£290           £30

£112             -

£125             -

£336             -

£112             -

£46               -





Coaching Fees & Fees for clubs that play at the GRC

Fees to join the JTTA

Currently there is no charge to join the sport’s governing body. However, you must be a club member to do so.


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