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Jersey Island Championships

15-21 March, 2023

The Island Championships took place from the 15-21 March, 2023 with the FINALS on Saturday, 25 March, 2023 at the Geoff Reed Centre.

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Horsham Spinners/Cadet Junior 2*

5 March, 2023

WELL DONE to some of our cadets who participated in their first 2 star tournament in Horsham at the weekend. All the kids managed to secure their first competitive wins in the UK and more importantly enjoyed the experience.

William reached quarter finals of under 14 main and semi final of U15 consolation. CALLUM ALLAWAY won group in Under 13 and reached ko stage U14 and won the U14 Consolidation final. Theo reached the quarter final’s of the U13 and U14 main event.  Aiden reached the knock out stages of U14 and the quarter final of the U13 event. Finally Oscar reached the knock out stages of both the U12 and U13 events as well.

Thanks to Mariusz who gave lots of coaching on the day and, hopefully, this will encourage our other juniors to travel off island to compete as well.

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Horsham Senior/Veteran 2*

4 March, 2023

CONGRATULATIONS to MARIUSZ CIEMINSKI  for winning the Veterans event and getting to the final of the open men’s singles event in Horsham.

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JTTA Chinese New Year OPEN DAY

29 January, 2023

The OPEN DAY was held from 1pm - 4pm on Sunday at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre at FB Fields. Lots of families attended and gave table tennis a go having lots of fun at the same time.  

Gallery Photos taken by Paul Routier

Top 12 (Guernsey)

28 January, 2023

The CI Top 12 was hosted in Guernsey. CONGRATULATIONS go to Guernsey’s Lawrence Stacey for winning his 2nd consecutive Channel Islands Top 12. He finished ahead of Ben Foss placed second, while Jersey's LEON PIERRE claimed 3rd spot on count back over Alice Edwards.

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Senior Top 12 Qualifier

27 November, 2022

The Senior Top 12 Qualifier was held at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre at 10am. CONGRATS to LEON PIERRE for winning the qualifying tournament unbeaten. The Jersey Top 6 qualifiers will compete for the CI Top 12 in Guernsey on Saturday, 28 January, 2023.

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Bat & Ball Visit

19 - 20 November, 2022

Ken Quirk’s Bat & Ball team came over to compete against Jersey at the Geoff Reed Centre from the 19-20 November which started on Saturday at 7pm and 10am on Sunday.  The visiting Bat & Ball team won 60 - 40 CONGRATULATIONS

Results & Gallery Photos taken by Paul Routier

Junior CI Top 12

13 November, 2022

The Senior Top 12 Qualifier took take place at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre at 10am. CONGRATULATONS to HANNAH SILCOCK for winning the qualifying tournament unbeaten. The Jersey Top 6 qualifiers will compete for the CI Top 12 in Guernsey on Saturday, 28 January, 2023.


Gallery Photos taken by Paul Routier

2022 Sport & Move More Jersey Awards

4 November, 2022

CONGRATULATIONS to HANNAH SILCOCK for being presented with the JERSEY AZTEC SPORTING PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR (UNDER 21) AWARD. The event took place at the Radisson Hotel, St Helier, on Friday 4 November, 2022 and was organised by Jersey Sport.

ETTU UK Level 4 Coach Visit to Jersey

24 - 28 October, 2022

Jersey welcomed VIDAL GRAHAM, a top England and European Table Tennis Union coach,  to give junior coaching and coach mentoring during half-term week Monday 24 October to Friday 28 October inclusive at the Geoff Reed Centre.

Gallery Photos taken by Paul Routier

On Monday evening senior members benefit from the opportunity to hear from the visiting top coach as well.

Gallery Photos taken by Paul Routier

Junior Top 12 Qualifier

19 - 20  October, 2022

The Junior Top 12 qualifier took place at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 October from 6pm - 8pm. The top 6 will go head-to-head against the Guernsey Top 6 on Sunday 13 November in Jersey.


Home Countries Veteran Championships

(Isle of Man)

9 - 11 September, 2022

A great weekend at the Home Nations Veteran Championships which were hosted in the Isle of Man at the Secondary Sports Hall at the Island's National Sports Centre (NSC). The participating countries were England, Guernsey, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Wales and Jersey. Our Over 40's Men won the Silver Medal in both the Team event and the Doubles. The over 60's had a good win against our Guernsey friends and the Over 70's beat Scotland.

CONGRATULATIONS to both Mariusz Cieminski and Grzegorz Frankowski who did brilliantly on Sunday to reach the semi-finals of the Over 40’s. Paul Routier reached the semi-final of the plate in the over 70’s and some great performances from Martin Tupper, Tony Wood, Hillary Le Cornu and Nigel Beddard as well.

Gallery Photos taken by Paul Routier

JTTA Centenary Outdoor Table Tennis Event (West centre)

 17-19 August, 2023

The outdoor table tennis event to celebrate our centenary took place in St Helier at the West Centre from Thursday 17 August through to Saturday 19 August from 10am-4.30pm. It was open to members of the public/passers-by to participate and have a go at playing table tennis. There were also challenges to take part in with prizes for the winners.

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20 July, 2023

The JTTA AGM took place at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre on Thursday, 20 July, 2023. It was well attended and nominations for Council members for the 2023/2024 season were voted on. ELENI MIDDLETON was elected President and CAROL ALLAWAY as the General Secretary. Follow the link to the Contact Us page for more details.

NatWest Int’l Island Games (Guernsey)

8-14 July, 2023

The NatWest Island Games was hosted by Guernsey from the 8 - 14 July, 2023. JTTA selected a team from Jersey sponsored by ALTAIR PARTNERS.

MATTHEW PORTER, a Level 3 Head coach with Worthing Table Tennis Club with international experience with England, Scotland Wales and Cyprus, came to Jersey and held some training sessions with our juniors and our competing Altair Team thanks to our sponsors ALTAIR.

Jersey did extremely well by winning 3 GOLD, 2 SILVER and 2 BRONZE. Overall they came FIRST in the Table Tennis Medals Table and SECOND place in the Full Medals Table. WELL DONE to everyone.

For the full results go to table tennis guernsey

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Hautlieu School

3 July, 2023

Hautlieu School tweeted “Plenty of activity at Hautlieu today with our new 10 year students being able to play table tennis. A big THANK YOU to JOHN BARDEN from the JTTA for giving up his time.”

Senior Schools Int’l Championships (Ireland)

23-26 June, 2023

The Senior Schools International tournament was held at the Kingfisher Club, University of Galway, Ireland, from 23 - 26 June, 2023 and Jersey sent their ALTAIR TEAM to compete against other nations.

There were great performances from all players taking part. CONGRATULATIONS to the following players who came away with medals:

HANNAH SILCOCK won bronze in the Under 18’s Girls main event

LEON PIERRE won Gold in the Boys Under 18 plate event

KATHRYN SILCOCK won Gold in the Under 18 Girls 18 plate events

Gallery Photos                   Table Tennis Ireland

JTTA Annual Awards Dinner

9 June, 2023

The Annual Awards Dinner as held at the Hotel Ambassdeur on Friday, 9 June, 2023 and was organised by Debbie Sutherland.

Gallery Photos taken by Mike Lefebvre

CI Inter-Insular

29 April, 2023

Jersey 79 Guernsey 51

The CI  Inter-Insulars was hosted by Jersey at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre, FB Fields, on Saturday, 29 April, 2023 from 9am against Guernsey. There were 13 team matches and 130 individual matches which included two new categories in memory of Guernsey’s Peter Powell, who passed away last year.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jersey. A great team contribution from all players, coaches and volunteers endured Jersey winning their first Aggregate trophy since 2017 when Jersey beat Guernsey 56 points to 54 points. The Women's event  took place on Saturday evening at 7pm along with the Men’s for the first time.

Results courtesy of GTTA

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CI  Championships

28 April, 2023

The CI Championships was held at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre on Friday, 28 April, 2023 with the first match starting at 6.30pm where the winners of the Jersey age group categories were to play their Guernsey counterparts on Saturday. Jersey won 13 of the available titles with Guernsey winning 7.

Results & Gallery Photos

JTTA OPEN Day / WORLD Table Tennis Day

23 April, 2023

Members of the Public were in invited to experience table tennis at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre, FB Fields, St Clements, on Sunday, 23 April, 2023 from 2pm-5pm. Bats and balls were supplied and refreshments made available. This event was part of our CENTENARY celebrations and to mark WORLD TABLE TENNIS DAY. The OPEN was well attended with lots of family groups enjoying themselves.

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Jersey Grand Prix

7 - 9 April, 2023

The Jersey Grand Prix, a Table Tennis England Satellite Grand Prix Tournament was held at the Geoff Reed Centre from Friday, 7 April, to Sunday, 9 April, 2023 and was sponsored by PwC Careers Channel Islands. The Banded events took place on Saturday 8 April , with the Open Singles, Under-21 and Veterans Singles on Easter Sunday. The event has been well supported over the last 16 years with lots of players attending from the Channel Islands, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany and other European countries. For further information follow the links below.

Results & Gallery Photos

British Primary Schools Intl Championships (Northampton)

31 March - 2 April, 2023

The British Primary Schools International Championships was held at Oundle School, Northampton, from Friday 31 March to Sunday 2 April and teams from England, Wales, Scotland, Guernsey and Jersey competed.  For a breakdown of how our young ALTAIR Jersey Academy team performed, please read Paul Silcock’s REPORT.

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