Officially organised events, as well as Island competitions are detailed on this page. For general updates relating to trips away, results and successes, see our news page.

General information during tournaments

Tournaments may take up part of the hall or the whole of the hall. Where the whole hall is booked, members will be advised via notices either in the hall or electronically.

Otherwise, for partial booking of the hall for tournament play, some tables will be partitioned off and members will have the use of the remainder of the hall for general play. Competitors and umpires please remember that in such a situation, there will be noise from members using other parts of the hall as well as spectator chatter. We encourage a great playing atmosphere for all participants of the centre and for reasonable behaviour to be observed by all.

Where the hall is in dual use, members, event players and umpires are asked to manage communications with each other with courtesy and respect.

Travelling to tournaments

For information about or organising travel as well as funding support, please follow this link.

Tournaments Schedule Travelling Information

18-19 October, 2023

Jersey Junior Top 12

The Jersey Junior Top 12 will be held at the Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre on Wednesday 18 October to Thursday 19 October, 2023 from 6pm. Each player will play the other 11 players and they will then be ranked from 1 to 12. The top 6 will travel to Guernsey on 5 November, 2023 to play against Guernsey’s top 6.  

5 November, 2023

CI Junior Top 12 (Guernsey}

The CI Junior Top 12 will be held in Guernsey on Sunday, 5 November, 2023.

More information to follow…

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